Sales Manager

Sergei Gharedaghi

Having been born overseas, Armenian by culture and heritage, Sergei then migrated to Australia. He is well versed in travel and can connect and communicate with different cultures easily.
Sergei has lead the St Leonards business team with over 12 years of Telstra experience covering all segments within the business.
He has delivered year on year growth for both his team and clients. His out of the box thinking creates successful outcomes for his customer base.
He works with his clients, understands their needs, identifies their pain points and efficiently finds solutions to address hurdles and deliver these successful outcomes.

Senior Business Development Manager

Matthew King

Matt has been working for North Sydney ICT now for over 10 years and enjoys the rapport and clientele building that comes with his role. Matthew has grown up in Sydneys North Shore and recently become a family man. He is happy to help with all problems, no matter how small. He understands building relationships and trust with new and existing clients.
His primary focus is Account Management and delivering a turnkey solution whist being transparent with his proceedings.

Corporate ICT Specialist

Amit Sewani

Amit has been working as a Corporate Telecommunications & IT Consultant for over 12 years and is committed to finding the right solution for his clients’ business’s ICT needs. In his time at North Sydney ICT, through his extensive knowledge in the industry and a cohesive background in Commerce, he has assisted a multitude of businesses in finding effective and efficient solutions.

Business Development Executive

Matt Fordham

Bringing 10 years’ worth of ICT knowledge and Digital Business Strategy to his services, Matt has delivered above and beyond for his clients throughout Sydney and the North Shore over the past decade.
Specialising in business technology delivery and platform integration, Matt is experienced in ICT and its incorporation into everyday use.
In 2017, Matt joined the North Sydney ICT team where he has continued to bring effective services to our clients with foresight and solution.

Enterprise ICT Consultant

Jack Andrews

Coming from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, at an early age, Jack discovered his passion in IT and delivering the best ICT advice for his customers.
Jack is responsible for the deliverance and Management of Business Network’s and Mobility Fleets for Large Business and Enterprise customers across Australia.
Jack will always make sure the customers’ needs come first. He builds trust and rapport with his clientele, ensuring that he is always transparent and effective for the solutions he delivers his customers.

Business Development Executive

Ulysses Sotiriou

Born and raised in Sydney’s North Shore, Ulysses is experienced with small and large Businesses alike and strives for delivering efficient Business functionality.
Since joining the North Sydney ICT team as a Business Development Executive, Ulysses has committed to ensuring end to end solutions, whilst maintaining paramount customer satisfaction.
Ulysses has a personable, customer-focused attitude, building interactions with maintained success.

Senior Business Solutions Manager

Dave Dillon

David is a trustworthy, hardworking and reliable individual that prides himself in having superior organizational and interpersonal skills.
David has worked within the Communications industry for over 15 years and possesses a wide range of telco abilities, being able to work independently as well as part of a team to achieve sales targets whilst ensuring the customer is satisfied.
His Superior Customer focus in line with his knowledge in the ICT space gives him the ability to provide the best solution for his customers depending on their needs.

CRM Manager

Scott Hill

Originally raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Scott furthered his education in Connecticut and NYC U.S.A. Upon returning to Australia, Scott has found a home here at North Sydney ICT.
Scott is responsible for managing the organisations CRM ensuring the company can deliver strategies that encourage customer retention and customer loyalty.
As a recognised business nbn™ adviser, Scott enjoys working collaboratively with our Sales team to present to clients tailored business solutions, while ensuring that we’re accountable and transparent with our results.

Customer Relations Manager

Lucy Rose

Originally from South East London, Lucy has been living in Australia for 5 years and shortly after joined the North Sydney ICT family.
As Customer Relationship Manager she constantly identifies opportunities to grow the customer base and build positive relationships with new clients.
Lucy has a customer-focused attitude with a focus on interactions that create lifelong customers.

Office Manager

Aimee Beckett

With over 12 years experience working in a range of positions within Telstra, Aimees skill sets allows her to provide the highest level of administration and sales support to the ICT Business Development Managers, as well as directly with clients in a efficient timely manner.
Aimee is responsible for the management and implementation of data and mobility projects, working closely with the Business Development Managers to execute these orders. She has any exquisite eye for detail allowing her to provide the best support for the North Sydney ICT family and clients.

Office Manager

Sarah Dillon

As a valuable asset to the North Sydney ICT team, Sarah provides the highest level of administration and sales support to the ICT Business Development Managers and facilitates the needs of their clients and customers. Sarah is responsible for the management and implementation of data and mobility projects ensuring the correct and timely execution of orders.
Sarah is very helpful by nature and has a keen eye for detail, allowing her to ensure that she provides the best support to our North Sydney ICT family and the clients we represent.

Telephony Project Manager

Bayle Platten

Growing up in Western Sydney, Bayle has always had an interest in ICT services. His IT career began working directly with a Telstra Distributor, shortly after he moved into a more refined role here at North Sydney ICT.
Focusing on Telstra’s Fixed services, Bayle ensures that his customers migration out of Telstra’s Copper infrastructure is seamless.
Bayle is friendly, welcoming and strives providing his customers with a positive experience discovering their business solutions.

Business Development Executive

Sahil Shrestha

Born in Nepal, Sahil emigrated to Australia 12 years ago, and by combining his international experience, his bilingualism and 4 years of telco experience, he is well versed in finding effective solutions for all of his customers.
Sahil is passionate about technologies and how they can help his customers. He focuses on his clients needs and has no struggle in helping his customers find end to end resolutions. He has been an effective part of the team, striving to provide efficient collaboration with his clients to deliver them tailored solutions. Sahil is focused on customer satisfaction. He always prioritises working with his clients to answer any queries they may have.

Business Bundles Project Manager

Sev Gharedaghi

Having a deep interest in Technology and phones, Sev has naturally gravitated towards the Telecom industry.
Bringing together experience in the industry and dealing with businesses, he has found a home with the North Sydney ICT Business team.
He works with tradesmen and companies to deliver NBN and digital office technology to keep them ahead of the curve.

Customer Relations Associate

Tina Hollerup

Originally from Sweden, Tina has an in-depth experience in the fields of HR, client servicing, management, and leadership. Tina has joined our team combining her skills and her interpersonal outgoing nature to help new and existing clientele.
Her role at North Sydney ICT is to provide an eye for detail, utilise her organisational skills and establish connections with customers based on rapport and providing superior ICT customer service.